3 Reasons New Cyclists Should Take Their Bikes to a Shop for Repairs

20 October 2016
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If you are a beginning cyclist, you may experience several mechanical issues with your bike as you are learning to care for it and ride it appropriately. It is common in most cycling communities for cyclists to learn how to repair their bicycles themselves in order to be self-sufficient when on rides. However, a new cyclist should consider taking their bike to an experienced bike mechanic for tune-ups and repairs while they are learning how to care for it themselves. Here are some of the reasons why. 

A Bike Mechanic Will Be Able to Spot Potential Problems

One common mistake that new cyclists make is to only repair their bicycle when there is a problem. For example, when you have a flat tire, you will change the tire. However, regular preventative maintenance can keep your bike safe to ride and make your parts last longer. An experienced mechanic will be able to point out signs of wear and tear, such as worn tires or loose cables, and help you prevent future problems while you are out riding. 

Many Bike Shops Offer Maintenance and Repair Classes or One-on-One Lessons

While it is possible to purchase a book on bike maintenance or learn how to do repairs through online tutorials, the most effective way for most people to learn these skills is by practicing alongside an experienced bike mechanic. Taking a class at your local bike shop or simply asking for pointers and a detailed explanation whenever you take your bike in for repairs will give a bike mechanic time to help you adjust your riding style to protect your bike more and make sure you know the best methods for repair and maintenance. 

You Can Easily Purchase Appropriate Replacement Gear

Most bike repairs are inexpensive, quick fixes. However, it is important that you use the proper tools and replacement parts when fixing your bike. Many new riders do not have a toolbox of bike tools and replacement parts set up. Taking your bike in for repairs during this stage will allow you to get your bike fixed quickly so you can get riding again. Additionally, you will be able to figure out which tools and spare parts you should purchase and keep on hand for your at-home repairs. 

A bike can be a large investment for many people. Keeping your bike well maintained and safe to ride is important, so you should take your bike to a mechanic, such as one at Sarasota Cyclery Inc, while you are still learning to care for it.