5 Tips For Using Your Longboard On Campus

28 October 2016
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A longboard from a place like High Five Skateboards can be a great way to get around your college campus. It can be a fun way to relieve stress between classes and it can make getting from one side of campus to the other a breeze. However, it is important that you are considerate of pedestrians and that you take some extra precautions when using your longboard on campus. Below are some tips to make using your longboard safer and easier. 

Use Streets or Dedicated Bike and Board Lanes

Some campuses have rules against bikers and boarders using sidewalks and you can get ticketed if caught using them. Even if your campus does not have such a policy, it is still safer and easier for you to ride in the street or in a bike and board lane. You should keep in mind that even if a board is not designated in the bike lane, that lane is still for you. Also, keep in mind that not all pedestrians follow the signage and be aware that there may be people walking in the bike and board lane.

Practice Your Route When School Is Not In Session 

Before you take your longboard to classes, consider cruising around campus on a weekend to help select your route. Opt for wide roads and paths where you will be able to swerve and carve as necessary. Additionally, take note of barriers and curbs that may disrupt your ride. 

Consider a Mini-Cruiser 

Mini-cruisers, also known as penny boards, offer the same stability and speed as a longboard due to their large wheel size. However, they are easier to fit in your backpack or under your desk in class. Additionally, they are easier to maneuver in crowded areas without clipping the heels of a pedestrian. If you haven't tried a mini-cruiser yet, consider one a good campus transportation investment. 

Practice Stopping and Changing Direction

If you are relatively new to longboarding, make sure you get plenty of practice in an open area before you take your board to campus. You should practice stopping suddenly and changing direction to help avoid campus collisions and accidents. 

Take Off Your Headphones 

While riding with earbuds in is never a good idea, it is especially important that you remain free of distractions when you are boarding in a crowded area. If you usually ride with headphones around your neck or a sound system in your backpack, you may want to skip it altogether.