Purchased A Semi-Automatic Rifle And Problems With Feed Chamber? 3 Reasons This Can Happen

31 December 2018
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If you just purchased a semi-automatic rifle and it is new, it will likely work well for you for a long time. It can still be helpful, however, to learn of some problems you may have with your rifle, so you can watch out for them. One problem the rifle may have is with the feed chamber. Below are three reasons why you may be having this problem, so you will know what you need to do.

Problems with Bolt Carrier Group

One thing that can cause feed chamber problem is with the bolt carrier group. If this is the case, the rifle will fail to feed as you start to load it or while the rifle is firing. For example, if the bolt carrier group does not move forward with the right amount of force, the feeding ammunition operation will not lock the bolt. You should have the rifle serviced if this is the problem, as it can be dangerous if the bolt carrier group is not working properly.

Rifle is Dirty

As you shoot your rifle soot, debris, and dirt builds up inside of it. This also builds up on the bolt carrier group and other areas of the rifle. If the rifle is dirty, it cannot feed ammunition properly. For example, if there is built up dirt on the buffer tube or gas tube, this can also cause feed ammunition problems. The inner parts of the rifle will also have friction if the rifle is dirty which will cause more problems.

Clean the rifle on a regular basis. How often this is depends on how much you use your rifle. You can purchase cleaning kits online or at stores that sell guns. The kit will come with complete instructions on how to clean the gun if you are not familiar with doing this.

Rifle Does Not Extract

If the rifle does not extract properly, this will lead to feed chamber problems. Not extracting properly is a dangerous malfunction and can easily injure or even kill you when firing the gun. This is because there may be a cartridge in the chamber that did not fire. When you put another cartridge in after the first one, the first unfired cartridge will likely explode.

In many cases, this is caused by a short stroke in the bolt carrier. You should have your rifle serviced by a professional in a case like this.

Talk with the salesperson that sold you your semi-automatic rifle to learn more about these and other potential problems.