3 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Ammunition For Your Gun

9 November 2021
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Guns can't fire without bullets, so you'll want to choose the right type of gun ammunition so that you can start using your firearm. Whether you choose to use your gun for self-defense, target practice, or hunting, the type of ammunition you use could impact how well you hit your targets. You'll have an easier time choosing the right gun ammo if you follow these tips.

Select Ammunition by Caliber

If you're a new gun owner, you'll need to pay close attention to your gun's caliber and how to find the exact caliber number so that you'll get bullets that are the correct size. The caliber, or the gun barrel bore's internal diameter, is classified by number and is sometimes measured in millimeters. To find the exact caliber number, you can look at your gun to see if the number is engraved somewhere on it. You may also find the number imprinted on the bottom of an ammunition cartridge or the box of ammunition that you may have gotten when you purchased the gun. The gun's owner's manual should also contain this information. Once you find your gun's caliber number, you should get bullets that match the same number. 

Consider a Bullet's Expansion

The bullet's expansion rate determines how large the bullet's diameter will grow when it hits a target and how much damage will be done to the target on contact. A bullet with a larger expansion range will leave a bigger wound and will be more ideal for hunting or self-defense. If you want to use the gun for target practice, you should consider buying gun ammunition with a smaller expansion rate to save money.

Choose Whether You Want Bullet Jackets or Hollow Points

A jacket is meant to encase a bullet and provide better protection for the bullet's lead material, but bullets with full metal jackets aren't designed to expand much on contact and are generally more useful for target practice. One of the main advantages of full metal jackets is that they help bullets last longer and prevent lead corrosion.

Hollow-point bullets can expand more on contact and are better for hunting and self-defense but can leave bigger messes if you ever choose to use them for practice shooting. These bullets can also hit targets with greater accuracy because of their ability to travel flatter and faster through the air without being diverted as easily by crosswinds.

By keeping these tips in mind while you shop for gun ammo, you'll be able to avoid a lot of the pitfalls that some gun owners encounter when they choose the wrong kind. A gun ammunition seller who's knowledgeable on all bullet types can help you make sure that you're getting the right ammo for your gun. For more information about gun ammo, contact a supplier.